Developing Nepal’s Future Leaders, Professionals, and Mothers… One Girl at a Time.

Our Mission

We believe that a balanced child strengthens a community. Nepal House US Chapter was set up with the underlying hope of empowering Nepali citizens through long-term, focused humanitarian support. Nepal House is working on three specific goals; to educate girls in need towards brighter prospects, to counsel them against their past hurts and to prevent future offenses by better informing their communities.

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The Nepal House School for Girls

Though we have many miles still to go, we’re very proud to say that the first all-girls’ school officially opened in Pokhara, Nepal in May of 2011, with a kindergarten class comprised of a dozen bright-eyed students. Every year a new grade will be added and every day a new dream is realized.

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Why Nepal?

Nepal is known for its scenic beauty, including majestic Mount Everest, visited by trekkers and travelers from all over the world. But beyond the snowcapped mountains and picturesque landscapes lies a darker side. Nepal is amongst the poorest and least developed countries in the world. In developing countries, life is hard enough for men—and it’s even harder for women.

With that in mind, can you imagine how difficult life is for a young girl?

Each year in Nepal, an estimated 10,000-15,000 girls are trafficked across the border where they are sold into Indian brothels and forced to become prostitutes. These girls range between ages 7 and 24, with an average age of 15. Deprived of hope, with no way to escape, these girls endure hardship and emotional suffering that is beyond the imagination of those who live in developed nations. A UN study done in 2000 revealed, perhaps unsurprisingly, that illiteracy, poverty and family problems are the major reasons for trafficking. What could an organization striving to make a change do to improve the situation?

Nepal Earthquake: We are focused on providing support to the Pokhara community where not all the relief efforts are getting to – for further information, please view our blog posts.

Saika Sharma

President – Fundraising and Awareness

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